100% Pure Shilajit

Premium shilajit is purest, highest quality shilajit available on the internet.

It is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains and purified for maximum potency and effectiveness.

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Premium Shilajit

Our Shilajit is harvested in the Himalayan mountains in both India and Nepal. Each batch is tested for purity to ensure that we sell only the highest quality and purest shilajit.
Shilajit benefits include: increased energy, boosted immune system, detoxification, sexual heath, exercise recovery, anti-aging, mental clarity and many more!
Think pure shilajit is hard to use? It’s not! Simply break off a small piece and dissolve it in a glass of warm water or milk. For specific dosage amounts click “Easy” above.
Regular shilajit may contain toxic levels of heavy metals and organic contaminants. Our shilajit is tested in an accredited lab to make sure it is safe for consumption.


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